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Topics: Columbia University, Baseball, Jake Gyllenhaal Pages: 1 (317 words) Published: February 25, 2011
My Brother’s Keeper. McCormick Patricia. New York Hyperion books.

My Brother’s keeper is about a boy named Toby who has an older brother named Jake. Jake and Toby both love baseball and Jake won the championship last year. Their father left when they were little and never came back, so to stay fit financially they had to sell their house and move to an apartment. Once Jake gets stressed out he relies on drugs to help him cope. Toby has to cover for Jake when he comes home high. Jake starts to skip school and still money from his mom’s tip jar. Once Toby realizes what’s happening to Jake he relies on a baseball card so he can forget everything. But one day Jake goes too far and drives one of his friends cars while high he gets caught and has to go to Jail. Once this happens Toby feels a lot better because he now knows that someone besides himself knows about jakes secret and he doesn’t have to lie to his mom anymore.

I didn’t love this book but I liked it. The reason I didn’t like it as much as the other books is because I wanted to know what happened to Jake when he went to jail. And I didn’t like this book so much because it seemed like it took a long time for him to get caught. But other than that the book was good.

Patricia McCormick grew up in a bland suburban. Some of Patricia McCormick’s book is about her childhood experiences. She went to college at the University of Columbia she graduated in 1985 as a journalist. Her books that she has written are cut, sold, and my brother’s keeper.§ion_id=111&object_id=166
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