My Brother

Topics: Philippines, Rooster, Alejandro Roces Pages: 3 (656 words) Published: March 14, 2013
My Brother’s Peculiar Chicken
by Alejandro R. Roces

Theme: Exploring Filipino Humor

• Humor: “Only in the Philippines”
Filipinos love to laugh and have fun
Laughing at problems
Very low suicide rate
Optimism roots from our religion
Optimism in the midst of adversity
Can often be self depreciating

• Disadvantage of Filipino Humor
Can be quite disturbing and disconcerting

Cockfights, card games, regular bets, “karerahan”- PUSTAHAN -Gender Equity
Career preference
Passion and Interest
Abilities and skills
Decision making

Elements of the Story
• Conflict: Is it a hen or a rooster?
• Complications: the chicken has characteristics of both a hen and a rooster. • Rising action: the family tries to find answers to their questions • Climax: the cockfight between the chicken and the red rooster • Falling action: after the cockfight

• Characters
Kiko says it is a rooster
His brother says it is a hen
Father says it is a hen, a lesbian hen
Mother says it is a rooster, a gay rooster
The teniente del barrio or chief of the village says it must be a bird of some kind Mr. Eduardo Cruz he has to kill the hen and examine its insights to determine. • Setting: Cornfield; a barrio

• Style: richly-detailed and flowing
• Story’s voice: comic
• Point of view: First person point of view

Written by Alejandro Roces
o Better known as Anding Roces
o Focuses on the ignored rich culture of our country
o Born on July 13, 1924
o Won Best Short Story for We Filipinos are Mild Drinkers. o My Brother’s Peculiar Chicken was also listed as Martha Foley’s Best American Stories among the most distinctive for 1948 and 1951. o Received honorary...
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