My Brilliant Career

Topics: Woman, Wife, Husband Pages: 2 (406 words) Published: November 28, 2012
Miles Franklin
English 1106-001
3 July 2012

Sybylla Melvyn argues that as a woman she has few options in life, whereas, men have many more possibilities.
I chose this topic because; I am a woman who feels strongly that woman should have the same advantages in life as men. Also, there are still many countries today that do not treat woman and men the same which in my opinion is very grave.

In today’s modern world most would agree that men and woman have equal rights when it comes to career choices. Over the years society has accepted and encouraged woman to become professionals in the work place. Long were the days when woman were considered only worthy for child bearing. Unfortunately, many years ago things were not as easy for woman who dreamt of a fulfilling career. The novel, “My Brilliant Career” by Miles Franklin explores the journey of a young woman passionate to become something more than a wife. However, because woman had few options in career than men during this time, they are often forced to become wives, or caregivers while their deepest ambitions were left unachieved.

1. Society expects woman to become wives instead being career minded. “If you feel that you are afflicted with more than ordinary intelligence and especially if you are plain with it, hide your brains, cramp your mind, study to appear unintellectual-it’s your only Olson 2


A. Obey husbands order
B. Be beautiful not clever C. Look after all household duties
D. Not be companions but caretakers to spouse

11. Education was limited for woman.
“You are not old enough to be a general servant or a cook; you have not experience enough to be a housemaid; you don’t take to sewing, and there is no chance of being accepted as a hospital nurse: you must confess there is nothing...
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