My Boyfriend

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ENGLISH 101.1010 - Composition I, Spring 2013 WRI C308 MW4:00-5:15

Instructor: Justin Irizarry| Office: RAJ 128-9|
Email:,| Phone: 702-321-8691| | Office Hours: Coffee Bean in Lied Library W Noon-3:00 and by appointment. Please notify me in advance of your intent to meet with me. (Not only is that considered common courtesy, it ensures we have a more productive meeting.)|

Required Text: Text Messages: A UNLV Custom Edition of a Guide to College Writing (2011 Edition which includes handbook) Other Materials: Two-pocket folder, paper, pens, etc.

Course Description:
ENG 101 is a writing intensive course designed to improve critical thinking, reading, and writing skills by providing students practical guidance in writing the short, 3 – 5 page, focused, thesis-driven, college paper. Students progress from personal expressive writing to text-based expository essays appropriate for an academic audience. Students develop strategies for turning their experience, observations, and analyses into evidence suitable for writing in a variety of academic disciplines.

Course Objectives: Among the specific abilities you should learn in this course are these: * To plan and organize an essay by working through your writing process * To benefit from peer response to your writing

* To identify and understand the audience and purpose in writing * To develop effective critical reading skills through close analysis of texts * To use reading and writing as tools for questioning, critical thinking, and informed communication * To incorporate knowledge from texts into thesis-guided expository writing * To adopt appropriate voice, tone, and level of formality in your writing * To edit final drafts for format, structure, grammar, and mechanics

Course Requirements: To successfully complete this course, all of the following work is required: * An ungraded diagnostic essay completed within the first week of class * Reading assignments of up to 60 pages per week

* Daily informal writing, to include journal entries, in-class writing, quizzes, homework, and peer reviews * Prewriting and drafts of essays in progress
* Four out-of-class writing projects which will allow students to practice different approaches to writing a personal expressive essay, an analysis essay, an evaluation essay, and a persuasive essay. All essays must be 3 to 5 pages long, typed, double-spaced with 1” margins, in 12-point font, using MLA format. * Midterm and final exams that include a graded timed essay

Attendance: Class attendance is required, and absences will be recorded. Coming to class late, leaving early, being unprepared, or failing to participate may each be counted as a half absence. Students who will miss class because of religious holidays or official UNLV activities should refer to * More than two weeks of absences will result in a final grade reduction of one letter grade. (5 or 6 absences for classes that meet twice weekly; 3 absences for a once-a-week class). * More than three weeks of absences will result in a failing grade for the course. (7 or more absences for classes that meet twice weekly; 4 or more absences for a once-a-week class). Late Work: If you miss class for any reason, you are still responsible for content covered and the work assigned. You will not be able to earn credit for any missed quizzes or other in-class activities. If illness or emergency circumstances will prevent you from completing an assignment by its due date, you must contact me before midnight of the due date to request an extension.

Participation: Writing is a collaborative process. Even when we write as individuals, we are writing for an audience. Sharing reactions to and interpretations of both professional and student texts is an important step in improving your...
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