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Topics: Occupations in music, Opera, Rhythm guitar Pages: 1 (286 words) Published: May 14, 2013
Book name: Lucky Six Getting the Message.
Why I like this book:
I like this book because it is full of action and it’s a mysterious kind of book. When I first started reading this book I always liked thinking who would have been plotting this idea and it was kind of hard trying to find out who was helping them as in the book, there is only a name saying Guest not any other name and the person would only reply when it was night where Guest was sending it to. Lucky Six are a group band there is the lead singer called Laury Hunt (who is also the songwriter and has a mega crush on Noah), there is the guitarist who is called Aimi Akita who wants to be a lead singer and songwriter as she always wants to be in the spotlight. There is Noah Hansen who is the drummer and his parents are mega filmy actors. There is also Jack Hunt the brother of Laury Hunt who is the bass player (there was another bass player but he left and it took ages for the band to convince Laury to replace him with Jack). There is Marybeth Fellows who is the person who plays the keyboard. The last person is Elle Beaumont who is the manager and the director of the band. The Lucky Six are not only the most popular music group band in the school but are a secret detectives group as they added mystery solving to their list of talents. In this book there are loads of entertainment and mysterious problems to solve. If I had to recommend this book to someone else I definitely would.
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