My Blooms Taxonomy Essay

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  • Published : November 9, 2012
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Jake Hunter
Instructor Peters
Student Success 0200
31 October 2012
Bloom’s Taxonomy Essay

I learned a lot of new ways in order to make myself a better student in student success. The 4 main skills I found most useful to me were note taking, time management, critical thinking, and reading. These 4 skills used together will make all the difference in school and grades. This class has showed many others useful tools but these are my most interested skills that I have learned and become interested in. Well with critical thinking Ill asked myself questions such as what did I just read and what if I had a test right now could I apply what I just learned. Applying what you’ve read is very important and studying and reviewing over what you’ve read is the most important thing. Why did I read this? Why am I taking notes? Applying the why to note taking and time management and the other 4 skills I find helpful helps me clarify what I’m doing. I’ve had encounters when I ask myself why didn’t I read that information sooner or why didn’t I study and review over my notes I had taken? Why couldn’t I of managed my time better? Asking me these questions every day and trying to make solutions for them help me and will help anyone else. The important facts I learned about each of these skills in that they are not only helpful in school but at home and the workplace to. Note taking can be used anywhere even at home or work. All of these skills will help you become a better individual and allow you to create a better sense of who you are and how you learn. In time management you have ask yourself questions so that you can fit everything in your schedule. I plan to use my note taking skills in all my classes and outside of class so that I can review all of the information I need to every day right after I have a lecture or after work so I don’t forget my job duties. There is no such thing as too much studying and reviewing and reviewing makes things less cloudy so you have...
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