My Bizarre Experience

Topics: Guilt, Conscience, Mind Pages: 2 (578 words) Published: May 12, 2013
As I entered the room, I saw what I hated the most. It was the ugliest face I had ever seen. The face was shriveled with a tiny nose and a pair of very blue eyes. He was looking straight into my eyes. I could see fear, guilt and repentance in those blue eyes. Standing a few centimeters away from me was the mirror from where I could see my own reflection. The reflection looked very dirty, despite the fact that the mirror was spick and span. Indeed I was bedraggled in the dirt of guilt and shame.

‘I am the loathsome, nauseating fellow, who would never be forgiven,’ I mused. I quickly undressed myself and went for a bath, hoping to clean myself. In just a few hours the whole country would be disconsolate. And I will be the sole proprietor of this disappointment- this fiasco.

As the cold water tickled down my bare body, I saw a series of flashbacks enveloping me.

“Ali, quickly deliver the order to Mr. Patel,” I ordered. Moving out of the kitchen, I ambled towards the dining hall. A proud and industrious fellow, I thought of myself as I looked into a mirror. Owning the largest catering company had truly been a laborious task. For twenty years I used to save my money for all this. ‘A frugal man’, is what people used to say about me. But, I didn’t care, for I knew that a bright future was up ahead.

A few weeks before, I received the order that I never expected of. I was entrusted with the responsibility of supplying lunch to the Pakistan Cricket Squad, during their practice sessions. They all found the food so delicious that they decided to choose our company for the food supply during their upcoming match against India. I was so elated. An opportunity to serve the country, I contemplated.

But, you never know that when your mind is sharp, you only think of your own self. A day before, a man approached me. A long limbed, loose jointed fellow with an ugly face and a crop of black, shining hair that curled tightly, the man ‘coerced’ me to do evil....
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