My Birthday

Topics: Fruit, Apple, Religion Pages: 1 (262 words) Published: January 8, 2013
* A birthday: a day she cherishes the most.
* My heart: Her feelings or emotions.
* Like a singing bird: represents romance and happiness (in every romantic story such as Snow white or Cinderella, there is always a bird singing along with a main female character). * Nest: it is where a bird is born from an egg.

* Watered shoot: It is a small plant beginning to grow into a tree. * She repeats the two words ‘my heart’ in every odd-numbered sentence in the first stanza. * She is expressing her emotions and feelings with natural things. * An apple tree: connects with religious belief; there was an apple tree in the Garden of Eden. It is a beautiful and sweet tree full of golden apples. It could also be her heart and the thicket fruits are her emotions and feelings that she could also fall down. * Rainbow shell: It is colourful and pretty object which defines beauty and fragile. * Halcyon sea: Calm and happy.

* Gladder: Happier
* My love: her religion (Anglican)
* Expensive and luxury things or food.
Second stanza is about man-made items.
* Raise: Reborn
* Silk and down
* Vair and purple dyes
* Doves (love or religious belief: Noah in the bible) and pomegranates * Peacocks
* Gold and silver grapes
* Silver fleurs-de-lys: A flower image of royalty; expensive and luxury. * The birthday of her life: The happiest day of her life (the day she became Anglican) * The last sentences in both stanzas are the same. It conveys her reader about how she truly believes and loves her religion like her love one.
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