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  • Published : March 8, 2013
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Mathematics and physic have always encouraged and fascinated me from an early age I knew that it was in the science based subjects that my interests and greatest ability lay. Although I have enjoyed the challenge that my school-based work has given me, I have always sought to extend my knowledge in these subject areas by considering the application of the theory I learn within the curriculum to the real world. There are many factors that have promoted my choice of pursuing a career in engineering. Since my childhood I have been fascinated by the mechanism by which devices function. I recall often opening numerous devices to observe the contraptions that lay within. My fascination has not waned over the years; instead it has been nurtured by the environment that I inhabit. My father is a manufacturer engineer and many of my relative has occupations in the field of engineering. Living in the family with mostly has a background as an engineer has provided me with ample opportunities to converse with renowned engineers. Through my observations I have noticed that engineers are dedicated individuals that work towards making the world a better place for the rest of us. At my secondary school I joined the robotic club. It was through this experience that I discovered my profound interest in field of engineering. Joining robotic club has a little bit increase my knowledge in engineering field about the mechanism and tells me on how actually robot works. I also had a chance to enter a robotic competition during my secondary school; it was exiting to get to know on different kind of robot and function that the other competitors are making. I am very keen to learn the art of robotics, and hope to make a mark in this world in the way of robots that would be helpful in diverse ways; for use in search and rescue for instance, or aiding fire-fighters and excavation teams after disasters. I am very passionate about robotics and it motivates to study this course. After finishing...
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