My Biggest Mistake

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  • Published : March 18, 2013
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My Biggest Mistake

This story is about the biggest I have ever done. I was 17 years old at that time and had had four birds since I was 10 years old. By the time I turned 17, my parents decided to immigrate to the United States. I had had only 15 days before I flew to Vienna. I loved my birds which I wanted to bring with me. I searched about how I could bring my birds to another country before doing something wrong. I found a veterinarian surgeon who could take care of my birds’ problem. He told me that they need to have a passport which shows they are healthy. I spent 50 dollars for my birds because of that. The next day, I needed to go to the veterinarian to sign some papers and get the passports for them. 10 days passed, and I had 5 days before leaving. I went out to buy a good cage for my birds which they made me buy. Everything was going well, and my birds’ problem had been solved. The only thing I was nervous about was that I didn’t know what I should do when I got to airport. Only one day was left, and I was getting more and more nervous. My brother called me, and I asked him about my birds. I explained to him what I had done, and he said: “That is all they want from you, so don’t worry.” I got less nervous than before and was a little bit happy. They day I was going to fly had come. It was midnight when I got to the airport. I asked some people where I should go for my birds, but no one could respond to my question. It was time to go to the plane, and I had my birds’ cage in my hand. The person who was responsible for checking people’s suitcases called me and told me: “You can’t bring those birds on the plane.” I showed him the paper which I had. He got shocked when he saw the paper and asked me for 60 dollars, but he still wouldn’t allow me to take them and told me: “They might die because of traveling.” I was very scared and started to cry. I didn’t wasn’t that my birds to die, so I gave them to my uncle who was in airport with me. I...
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