My Biggest Accomplishment

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  • Published : November 2, 2010
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My Biggest Accomplishment

I want you to put yourselves in my shoes for the time being. Now I want you to think about would graduating from high school be a big accomplishment for you if you were a teen mom? Well it was for me. It has been very difficult to balance being a student and a single mom at the same time. Statistics states that I would drop out and/or repeat a grade. Graduating from high school has given me the foundation I needed to succeed in life. Why has it been very difficult for me to balance being a student and a teenage mom? Because at the age of 17 I never envisioned my life as a teenage mom. I had many other dreams and aspirations of my own. Being a mom came with new responsibilities and not so easy tasks. Motherhood caused me to mature much faster than many of my peers. Statistics states that forty percent of teenagers who have babies before they turn 18 graduate from high school, according to The National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy. Well I guess I was apart of that forty percent because that’s exactly what I did. Only 1.5% of teen moms will have a college degree by the time they are thirty. I guess I will also be included in that 1.5% because by the time I’m thirty I will have three degrees my associate’s degree in Legal Assistant, my bachelor’s degree in political science, and then finally my J.D. Statistics also states that nearly 80% of teen moms will end up on welfare. I’m included in that 80% as well and I will continue to be included in that until I don’t need public assistance anymore. Once I become successful I will give back to my community because without all the public assistance help I don’t think that I could have did as much as I did for my son. • Graduating from high school has given me the foundation I need to succeed in life because knowledge is power and being education will empower me to go forth and succeed at whatever I do. Graduating from high school really pays off if you...
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