My Big Italian Dinner

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My Big Italian Dinner

By | March 2010
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My Italian Family Dinners

Lasagna, Briciole, Eggplant Parmesan these are just some of the items that I will be making for our family dinner. I will be making my own sauce first with three kinds of meat which I will cook slowly for four hours. My family loves when I make all our favorites for our Italian dinners.

The most important component to my Italian family dinners is my sauce. I start my sauce by putting some olive oil in the bottom of the pot and sautéing some fresh garlic. I then add some veal, beef cubes and pork spare ribs that I have seasoned with garlic, salt, pepper, and Italian seasoning. I let it brown on all sides before I add in three cans of crushed Italian tomatoes and two cans of tomato sauce. I add some parsley and some Italian seasoning mix (oregano, basil, rosemary). I let this simmer for about four hours. I taste it after a couple of hours to see if it needs any sugar because the tomatoes might be a little bitter. If needed, I add one-two tablespoons to my sauce and let it cook for the remaining two hours. Usually, I make my sauce the night before the dinner. I have to follow each of these steps in order for my sauce to turn out the way my family likes it. I believe my sauce is the real reason my family loves when we have these special family dinners. The next thing I do is prepare the rest of the dinner ahead of time (eggplant, briciole, lasagna). I start off with the eggplant, I peel my eggplant and cut into ¼” thin slices and dredge them in flour then egg and finally in flour again. I deep fry them till they are golden brown and let them drain on paper bags. When cooled I put them in Ziploc bags and store in the refrigerator. I make the briciole next. I use thin sliced flank steak, put on salt and pepper and garlic powder. I chop up garlic, parsley and raisins and pour it on the flank steak spreading it out over all of the steak then add grated cheese. I roll the entire steak up into a log and either tie up the roll...

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