My Big Fat Greek Weddin

Topics: Culture, Family, Sociology Pages: 3 (1054 words) Published: April 16, 2011
g Culture
Most people are most comfortable living in the same or similar surroundings within the culture they’re accustomed to. The culture context includes the cultural beliefs and customs of communicating. Cultures have different rules, values, and beliefs ( DeVito, 2009). There are many people who chose to step out of their comfort zone and explore other cultures.

In the movie “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” the focus was strongly centered around the Greek culture, their values and their beliefs, the roles the men performed, and the expectation of the women’s role. According to (De Vito, 2009) culture is passed from one generation to the next through communication not the genes. It is not something that a person inherits, it’s what people create and learn passed from generation to generation.

The Greek family in the movie is what you might consider a collective family; they were always there for each other, always ate together, always took care of one another, and more importantly everyone was always in each others life’s and business. Greeks believed strongly in marriage, the younger the better; if a women became thirty or older, and not married yet, she was considered a failure; they were taught that women are suppose to do only three things, marry a Greek man, have babies, and feed everyone until the day they die, as well as the children had to go to Greek school.

In the movie the daughter Toula was at the age of thirty; by that time most of the women in the family were already married. The father lived by strong Greek beliefs and values; going by their beliefs he felt she should have been married already. He always hounded the daughter about finding a nice Greek man to marry, which eventually had a great effect on her self-esteem; feeling as though she had nothing to live for, that by now who would want to marry someone so old.

The father constantly communicated to his children about their family values and beliefs. It was hard...
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