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My Bestfriends

By | Feb. 2012
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Mary Willis
AP English Language
Mrs. Daher
My Two BestFriends
I have two of the world’s best best friends you can ever ask for. Aundrea means something to me in a different way than what Desiree means to me, although they are two totally different people and mean a difference to me; they are always there for me when I need them. They are similar because they both pick me up when I’m down, having a bad day, making sure that I am smiling and happy. They know exactly what to say or do to always make me happy and be the best friends that they can be. In differences they are two totally different people. Personally, attitude, maturity, manners and hobbies are something different when it comes to these two girls. They put up with me in a different way than the other one does. By that I mean the way I act, the things I do, and the things I say. What Drea and I mean to each other is the very opposite of what Dezzi Pooh and I mean to each other. Aundrea, oh my I could write a book about this girl. This girl right here has been through everything with me, from me having my bipolar moments to us not being friends, but in the end we will always be best friends. She is like no other friend I have, she’s my world, she’s “My Babe” (that’s what we call each other), She’s my best friend. She’s different from Desiree because she helps me through everything that I go through. She always knows how to make me smile, laugh, and over all happy and she does it so easily. When I’m having boyfriend problems her exact words are “you don’t deserve him, drop that zero and get you a hero” and I love it when she says it because boy do I smile. This girl puts up with all of my crap that I bring on a daily bases, usually people would have left my side but for some reason she sticks with me through all of it and that’s what makes her so different. When it comes down to her personality she is such an angel. Sweet, kind, caring, loving, and generous are not enough words to...

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