My Best Friends.

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My Two Close Friends are Elizabeth and Mickey
I will be talking about my best friend Elizabeth and Mickey. In the beginning, they knew each other since they were preschool kids. They grew up together in Colorado. They are very different from each other. They do not have a lot in common. Their personalities are opposite of each other. Still no matter what, they have been best friends since preschool Elizabeth and Mickey are still best friends. Sadly, Mickey moved to Arizona and she lives very far from Elizabeth. Secondly, I will talk about their personalities. Elizabeth is very quiet, always alone, and not a social person at all. She is very shy, talks a little and very mature, and very sweet. Mickey’s personality is loud, outgoing, a leader, very independent. She always hangs out with people, always talking, very immature and crazy. It is very interesting to me, that people who have opposite personalities can still be best friends. Thirdly, Elizabeth is very talented than Mickey. She is very good at almost everything. She loves to draw, sing, is really good in mathematics and is into fashion. Mickey just is simple. Mickey is good at getting along with people and loves to help people and play with children. When it comes to academics, Elizabeth has always wanted to be a doctor and help others in different parts of the world. She wants to inspire others to live life to the fullest. She is very serious about this and wants to go to college to reach her dream job. Her whole life, Mickey has always wanted to be a preschool or kindergarten teacher for the Deaf. She loves working with kids and it is a very fun and rewarding job that matches her bubbly personality. In conclusion, I hope you are able to see the contrast and comparison in my two best friend’s story. Elizabeth and Mickey are best friends and you can see that they are very different from each other but still they will always love each other like sisters.
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