My Best Friend

Topics: Problem solving, How to Solve It, English-language films Pages: 1 (386 words) Published: February 18, 2011
Jon my best friend
Jon is my best friend. He has always been helpful to me. He always helped me do my homework and anything I need help on. Even though he had his own work to do he would spend time helping me. Mostly when I need help doing my math homework he has always been ahead. I remember in Algebra I had hard time solving some problem then Jon always explain me how to solve the problem, Although I receive bad grade on my test after his help, he never gave up on me and kept helping me as my best friend. He is also unselfish. He thinks about others before doing anything for himself. He has always respected my decisions. I remember one time we were suppose to go to a Beach party Later on however, I found out I had a family part to go too. I talked to Jon about my family plan and I told him I am not able to go to the beach party, Instead of saying anything or getting mad he respected my decision go out with family and came along with me. Jon was the only friend who I always talk to him about anything I need or I have to do, he always advice me about it and respect my decision and support me to do it. He has also been a generous friend. I remember when I did not have car and any facilities to go out and do something, he always drove me around and wherever I had I go. He has always draw me to school and home every day, even though sometime I have to stay over after school he stayed with me at school and helped me finish up my work, he never complained me about taking my everywhere he has to drive me around. Sometimes when he would go out to his friends to play basketball, mall or party house he used to take me with him. I made lots of friend throw Jon, one time he even took me to trip with him and his friends, through out that time we had lots of fun, we went to hiking. He has been generous friend to me. After all Jonhas been the best friend through my problems.
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