My Best Friend

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Megan Giglio
Eng 111 Sect 8857

My Best Friend:

A best friend is always someone who will be there for you when you need them the most. Who is my best friend you ask? Well her name is Megan Elizabeth Jerlin. We first met back in the fourth grade at Petrides. There we found it a coincidence that we are both named Megan and she is only eight days older than me. We got along instantly with one another. From there on out we were placed in the same class. We are so close to each other.

Megan is a very blunt person. If you annoy her or ask her a question, she will tell you to shut up or get away from her. She always tells you the truth. She does not lie to you and sugar coat an answer for you. She is always direct. If you do not like the answer she gives you then you are out of luck.

Our time really grew together through the years, however, our bond got closer once we got to high school. When you are in the same school with people your entire life, you seem to hate them and get tired of seeing the same people every day. We found it funny that we are complete opposites of each other. She is always late for any event or even just getting to school

Giglio 2
on time. However, I am always early. She likes to get all her work done early, yet I like to procrastinate and does everything last minute.
When we got to high school and both were in ROTC that’s when our bound grew. We were always placed in the same ROTC class and our other subjects as well. In ROTC, you have to choose to get along with someone even if they are your worst enemy. I remember this one time this girl, Nicole, and I were arguing, probably about something ridiculous, and I called Megan in to help. She told us straight up front to grow up and solve this problem on our own.

When she was dealing with her relationship problems or just needed, someone to talk to I would be there for her and vice versa. Being in the same...
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