My Best Friend's Wedding

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  • Published : October 6, 2010
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“When we’re twenty-eight, if we’ve never married, we marry each other.” This is a very lovely engagement between you and your male friend. In the movie, Cameron Diaz who was young and shy at that time plays the girl who is desperate in love, dropping out of school, giving up her own career, only for the man she is going to marrying. Probably 1997 was Julia Roberts’s year, and she was at the top of her career, I have some feeling that the movie has kind of favor to the role that Julia plays, which overshadows the co-actress Cameron. Julia acts the leading role, a woman who did not have the nerve to face the true love until she was told by the man she had loved for nine years was going to marry. Julia determined to win him back in the name of love, the moment she realized how much he meant to her. She would desperately fight for the man belonging to her. Maybe not the one hundred percent love, mixed with jealousy or something like the desire to monopolize women are born to have. That’s how the story begins. A scene in the movie impresses me very much. Julia attempted to make fool of Cameron in the bar after she knew she had no sense of tune. At the beginning, she waited to watch the fire from the other side of the river with a little bad faith when Cameron was invited to sing for them all by a woman. I can see the subtle change in Julia Roberts’s face when Cameron was singing toward her man simply out of tune, but she covered up her appreciation for her just perfect without showing anything. Julia has no trace of acting at all; I guess that’s why she deserves the role. I hate to admit that the movie is not much of a comedy to me. The leading man has to choose to hurt a woman who both love him; but I do admire his not being sloppy and hesitated when it comes to the choice. He chose the bride, whom he had never felt that way about. While what does nine years mean? Having a song belonging to each other, having strong feeling for each other, travelling all over...
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