My Bedroom

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  • Published : November 7, 2010
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I like my bedroom the most in my house because it is a place I can study and relax. Right at the corner of the room is a queen size bed which takes most of the space of my room. The bedspread is light pink and matches with the dark pink flower blanket. My iPod is always under my pink pillow so that I can listen to music or watch a movie when I am about to go to sleep. Next to the bed is a two drawer wood nightstand with a classic night lamp and a pink alarm clock on its top. Above the top of my bed is a window that I open every morning for the sunshine go through and to hear the birds sing. The wall is painted white which makes my room look a little bit bigger. In the left corner of the room is a closet which is half organized. My clothes and bags are separated by a shelf. The clothes are hung in order by color and look very neat under the shelf, but the bags on the shelf are pretty messy. At the back of the room is a small desk which I use every day for studying and reading. Whenever I get home, the first thing I do is go in my room and lie down on my bed. It makes me feel very relax and peaceful when I just look around my room or through the window. In a word, although my bedroom is pretty small, it is the place that I can enjoy my own world every day.
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