My Bed

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My Bed: Gateway to Relaxation
On a cool brisk Hawaiian morning, on Schofield Barrack, Oahu three blocks over from the Post Exchange sits a two storey home. On the second floor in the master bedroom is a memory foam bed. Coming home to this bed is one of the best things to do on a long stressful day. My bed is the very embodiment of relaxation.

The worst part of everyday is waking up. I open my eyes to the sound of a load and exasperate alarms. This alarm sounds like a tornado warning going off in the spring time of north Texas. Then comes the dratted time of getting out of my soft sponge like bed. Getting out of bed is like getting up from your grandmother’s old broken in sofa. So I get up and put on my uniform and get ready to head to work. I turn and look at my wonderful bed; it had this wonderful covers. The cover are brown with green stripes which reminds me of a warm September day, when the leaves and grass just start to brown but some are still green. The weather is perfect cool but still slightly warm. The perfect weather to call up some friends and play a game of football. The pillows are soft feathered pillows. They are like resting you head on an Egyptian quilted bag full of soft white sand. The frame is cherry red wood with three cubby holes build in to the headboard. It has a elegant that represent the hours of work someone put into it.

Work consists of babysitting grown men and training men for war. Listening to men complain like a dog hauling at moon even thou nothing changes. They complain about doing work then they complain about being board when there is no work left to do. While at work all I can think of is going home and lying in my bed. I think of how when I open the window I can lay in bed and listen to the ocean. It is like finding a seashell when you are a kid and holding to your ear; you do not know how the sound soothes you but next thing you know you’re drifting into a dream on sugar plums and sweet homemade apple pie....
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