My Bad Experience with "Love"

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Matthew Flores
period 1

I thought the summer was going to be great. It was…until I found out the horrible truth. It was August 27, 2010. I was in love…at least that’s what it probably felt like. My brother wakes me up to tell me my best friend is on the phone and he wants to talk to me.

I answer the phone, He tells me my girlfriend of 2 months breaks up with me. I was furious. I was in shock. He told me he was going to go over my house in a little. Once he showed up I see a huge hicky on his neck. I had never been so mad. I felt like my heart got sucked in to a black hole. I asked about the hicky and he said he just came from my ex’s house. He said he gave her a hug to say hello and that she just started giving him a hicky. He said he pushed her away but she wouldn’t stop. I don’t believe that, The hicky was too big to look like an accident. My fists were shaking in rage. I was ready to punch him.

I got up from my bed and rushed him in my own house. My big brother separated us. He told us if we were going to fight, to put the gloves on. So we did and I won the fight. He was crying and telling me that we are like brothers. Brothers wouldn’t do that to each other, at least true brothers. After that he confessed everything he did. I never trusted him again when it came to girls. I was so pissed off and jealous that he got farther with her than I did, and I was with her.

This was a bad summer. Then school started and things were different. Everyone found out about what they did. Girls felt sorry for me and they gave me things :D. They still messed around even after what had happened. I never forgave both of them…I just moved on because I know I’m the better man. I still talk to him. We have been friends for 11 years now. I still talk to her also but not as much. Time heals all wounds but never one hundred percent.

Well this was my summer of 2010, a great one but also devastating. I wrote a poem of this experience. It was the first poem I...
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