My Autobiography

Topics: World War II, Israel, World War I Pages: 2 (413 words) Published: May 16, 2013
Celfa Segovia
World history
Ms. Brown
Final exam
The day of freedom movement swept Africa and Asia as ww1 ended. After the world struggle against dictatorship many leaders argued that no country should try to control another nation the British had ruled India for almost 2 whole centuries Indian resistance to Britain intensified in 1939 when Britain realized it was time to relinquish power Indian Hindus and

Muslims fought for control. The initially decided on a partition. India finally got its independence in 1947 following suit of India, east petition declared its self-sovereign. and was reborn as Bangladesh, formerly known as Ceylon, and sari lanka gained its independence from Britain in 1948.

In Asia the Philips had been damaged after World War 1. They entered in a treaty with America for mandatory reasons. Much later post-1986 the Philippine government ratified a new constitution .the idea of anti-dictatorship swept Europe and Indonesia gained their independence from the Dutch .in Africa new nations were formed following World War 1 also a new sense of black pride formed. However the push for African independence began years before World War 1. Ghana was the first recorded British colony to gain independence however it constantly shifts between civilian and military rule and has only held open elections since 2000. Kenya gained its independence through guerilla tactics it was named after nationalist jomo ken Yalta.

The division of Palestine after World War 2 made the Middle East a hotbed of nationalist movement . The conflict in the Middle East threatens the stability of the world today. in the years following world war 2 .the Jewish people won that for so long .And eluded them in their own state . At the end of World War 2 the UN took up the matter and voted in 1947 that plosive into its own Jewish state .the Islamic countries were being considered rightly rejected it. The next year Israel was born instead to...
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