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Topics: Adoption, Family, Adoption, fostering, orphan care and displacement Pages: 3 (1062 words) Published: January 18, 2012
Stefanie Markel
English Composition II
Maria Mahon
Adoption vs. Artificial Insemination
Argument Essay

When starting a family, parents are given several options. Unassisted pregnancy, where a couple gets pregnant with no outside interference, artificial insemination, or adoption are several options that a couple would consider when deciding to start a family. The two that I will focus on are the latter two, adoption and artificial insemination. Adoption is a special, somewhat heartbreaking subject for me, however, for the sake of this argument, it needs to be addressed. I will touch on the pros and cons of each technique of starting a family. My position is that the decision to adopt or be artificially inseminated is an informed decision that each person should make after reviewing all of the information that one can gather. IF it were me, I would prefer artificial insemination, for of course, my own personal reasons. The adoption process brings to light several pros and several cons that a couple or single parent would need to consider before proceeding. Before considering adoption, one would need to consider these things, 1.) cost of adoption, 2.) domestic or international adoption, 3.) and cost of caring for child, 4.) opened or closed adoption. One pro of adoption is if you are not able to have a child of your own, there are many children out there that need a home and family to care for them. Depending on the situation a child is in, you may be saving that child from abuse, neglect, poverty, or malnutrition from environmental challenges (if adopted internationally you may see this more so than domestically). On the other hand, it may be a situation of an underage mother that has no help or ability to care for the child. Another pro of adoption is that you would be able to have a child even if you as couple or as a single mother cannot conceive on your own. A con of adoption is that it is expensive; there is a lot that goes into approving...
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