My Apology Letter

Topics: English-language films, Time, Tires Pages: 2 (385 words) Published: October 3, 2012
Rosalinda Saavedra
English 1301-11327

Dear Dr. Sexton,
I want to apologize for how irresponsible I have shown myself to be. My actions have been taunting throughout my head long and hard because what I did is entirely my fault. Missing class and being tardy is unacceptable and I knew that from the beginning, yet I deliberately disobeyed. I take full responsibility for the lack of effort of being both punctual and prompt. I am deeply sorry for creating this distraction to your time which I know I could have prevented and handled differently. Honestly, my tardy was unintentional. All the other times I was absent and tardy were uncalled for and irrelevant decisions. My recent tardy was not by choice though and I can assure you with evidence because I would understand if you did not believe me. On my way to your class that day, my tire went flat, so I opened my trunk to find my spare tire out of air. I had just got my car serviced and tires checked, so I was confounded. I was completely stranded until a motorcyclist pulls over and helps me get back on the road to my class; unfortunately, I was forty-five minutes late. At that very moment, I regretted every absent and tardy that lead me to get withdrawn from your class. The only thing I can do now is admit what I did was wrong and how remorseful I truly am. My reckless actions have taught me great values in what I was once blinded by, for now I see the importance of not just my education, but my responsibilities in life. Things change quickly instantly, so Dr. Sexton is there any way I can change your mind in removing me out of your attendance? One chance is all I ask for, to prove the conversion in my set of mind. Willingly I want to do everything or anything to stay. Please take in consideration to converse about a compromise in person. I would much rather take this situation to you, eye to eye, than in a letter that’s if you’d like. Again, I want to apologize Saavedra, Rosa 2

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