My Ambitions as a Structural Engineer

Topics: Civil engineering, Structural engineering, Building Pages: 2 (473 words) Published: June 18, 2011
Structural engineering plays a pivotal role towards the growth, development and progress of countries as the mass structures like multi-story buildings, bridges, thermal and nuclear power plants all involving structural engineering results in a strong economy of an advancing country.

In some other engineering technologies, sometimes it is possible to use hit and trial methods as in geotechnical and hydraulics engineering where the as

built conditions are not of such importance to effect the whole design, but in structural design one must abide by all codes of standard requirements, as huge expenditure and high degree of risk is involved at each and every step of execution. The duties of structural engineer became more critical in nature as he always has to fulfill the obligation of related codes, standards, specification and to follow all the stipulations of the same in a short and predefined frame of time with a high degree of accuracy.

A structural engineer is most commonly involved in the design of building and non building structures but also plays an essential role in designing machinery where structural integrity of the design item impacts safety and reliability.

Structural engineering is vast field and has its application in almost all the important engineering design, that’s why a structural engineer has to be very competent, decisive, efficient and quick decision maker. He has to make all the decision keeping in mind the fact that how his working is going to affect the economy and safety of the resulting structure.

My ambition as a structural engineer is to get competency in the field of bridge engineering right from design phase till to the execution of the design; the reason is that bridges are a direct and true reflection of economy and recourses of a country. I always wanted to contribute in the growing economy of my country using my skills, knowledge and capabilities .This is one profession where an advance degree is more a necessity...
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