My Ambition in Life

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Okay here goes, as you may have noticed I’m Venus. I’m Venus Valdez , yes that’s my real name. I have a pretty simple life and I used to be a punk, everything like that. I’m just Venusilistic which means I’m just myself. I may say I’m friendly and I like helping people. I love music and books. I adore arts, fashion, photography and I can also write poetry. I want to become something important in my life. I want to become a successful writer. Writing is my favorite hobby. I never knew I’d used to love writing as much as I do, though poetry to me is not that great although they are many poems I like that will get inspired me. I love myself, like I’m so selfish and I’m proud to admit. I like to arrive the subject for many students related to this application of mine. STATISTICS! Like the statistical behavior, taking statistical data and compile an essay or article based on the data, formatting in order to fully understand, gathering the factual information and to create and published my works. It can be the secret of success to making money by writing a number one bestseller. I hate perfectness but I wish I could be more like that for the people I love. I know I’m not the most perfect writer. I can write as good as the next. I almost lost it, but still it encouraged me to keep going, once again, my passion for writing has overwhelmed my life. I do not regret it either. I’m thankful that my Lord gave me this ability. So pen and paper please!
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