My Aim in Life Become a Politician

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  • Published : October 15, 2012
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We all can sit in our homes, and talk about bringing a CHANGE but no one gets out and does something about it. We say that we need to get rid of these elide corrupt class but no one put time and effort into it. This is the idea that brought me towards Politics.

Few months ago I made up my mind to become a Politician, yap I am serious! I have friends and family telling me that it is worst idea “Your life will be ruined, it’s the worst thing to do with your life” they say, but I have challenged there opinion for months now and I am still strong on my stance, I know that becoming a politician without any political family background can be tough, but I am up for the challenge!.

The idea of politics is not what our society thinks that it is just a dirty game to gain personal benefit and to miss-use the state resources, it is just these people in this profession who make it dirty. What I want is a Change, and to get rid of these old faces who are ruling our country for decades now.

If the youth does not get involved in politics, Pakistan will never prosper. Politics in Pakistan has become restricted to the sons and daughters of those already in power. That’s what I want to change. Why not bring the newer generation into politics? Off course Politics doesn’t provides you with the perks and pay checks as doing jobs or running a business, But my aim is to make politics clean and transparent.
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