My Aim in Life

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Teacher Education Committee Meeting
January 10, 2007
3:00 p.m.,at Punjab College

Members Present:

1. Muhammad Yosuf
2. Muhammad Asif
3. Umar Iftikhar
4. Irfan Ilahi
5. Asif Tanveer
6. Imran Shezad
7. Abdur Rehman
8. Asad Ali

1.Call to order

The meeting was called to order by Mian Amir at 3:05 p.m.

2.Curriculum Proposal:

Department of English, Theatre and Languages: Making EED 384 a prerequisite for EED 389. Currently, the description of EED 389 ends with NOTE: EED 384 recommended.

Yosuf presented the curriculum proposal and supporting rationale. The proposal was unanimously approved.

3.Unfinished Business: Appeal update - Abdur Rehman

Asif Stanley provided the TEC members with an update regarding Ms. Sarah Simmons’ appeal for reinstatement into the TE program. Based on the additional information that was provided to the Appeals Committee, including documentation of a 2.5 GPA, the TEC approved Ms. Simmons’ reinstatement allowing her to enroll in EDN 455.

4.Report from the Policy Committee: Yosuf Ibrahim

Dr. Sharon Sharp presented the following four policy proposals

Policy Proposal #1: Modification of One Repeat Policy

The proposal was unanimously approved as presented.

Policy Proposal #2: Modification of Early Release Policy

The proposal was approved as presented, with two “no votes.”

Policy Proposal #3: Clarification of Praxis I Policy

The proposal was approved as amended

5.Report from the Director of Accreditation: Umar Iftikhar

Umar presented a number of items relative to accreditation:

Proposal for MAT Candidate Assessment System

Following lengthy discussion of the proposal, a motion was approved to table the item until the February 2007 TEC meeting.

Teacher Education Program Area Advisory Councils

Then Mr. Umar consult about some...
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