My Accomplishment

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  • Published : March 18, 2012
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During my lifetime I have accomplished many things whether it was academic or an extracurricular activity, but the one accomplishment that exceeds above all else was my college graduation on May 18, 2008. My graduation day put my life into perspective, that I was no longer a naïve student, who wandered the halls of college not knowing what to expect but an adult who had grown, learned, matured and who was ready for life’s journey. Being the first to graduate from my family was a paramount moment and achievement. My parents, who are Haitian immigrants, always stressed the importance of an excellent education. I remember growing up my father would always say “knowledge is power and that knowledge is the most valuable asset that no one can rob you of.” Upon entering St. John’s University as an undergraduate freshman in August of 2004 I was a vivacious individual who was ready for what college had to offer. I took advantage of every single opportunity that came my way whether it was participating in club organizations or heading over to the nearest campus party with my friends. For me college life was the epitome of freedom. As I transitioned into my senior year I felt unsure of my academic career and where it was heading. Sometimes I would be really stressed out and anxious about the advent of my graduation. For others graduation meant, the bridge that connects your academic career to the real world. Many people that I knew were excited about graduation and were ready to leave behind the professors, the term papers, and exams in exchange for a 9-5 job/career. A part of me was fearful not knowing what to expect after graduation. A part of me was not sure if I was ready to leave behind the institution that has been a part of my life for the past four years. Despite my nervousness on May 18, 2008 I walked across the stage in front of hundreds of people and accepted my diploma with pride and dignity. When I look back on my four years of college I have learned that...
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