My 5th Birthday

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My 5th birthday
My 5th birthday is one of my earliest memories and is the first birthday I can remember. I don't know why it has stuck in my memory so much but I can remember it like it was yesterday. It started very early in the morning around 5:00 am, which is ridiculously early to be getting up and you wouldn't catch me getting up that early these days, but at the time I was used to it because my mom worked at night and my dad started work about 6:00. So I used to have to go to my next door neighbor’s house till my mom got home at about 8:00, the lady next door was named Maureen, she was about 50, she was pretty short, and had short gray hair. I remember her being very nice. She had a huge collection of videos that she let me watch every morning and she would always offer drinks, biscuits, cakes and anything you could think of really. Her kitchen was like some type of gourmet kitchen or a buffet with any type of food you could think of. On the morning of my birthday my dad came in my room and picked me up to carry me next door. I was still asleep, not really knowing what was going on around me, until the freezing wind of the early morning hit me in the face, took my breath away, then froze my fingers and toes. My dad rushed to get me to Maureen's house as quick as he could. When I got in there me and my dad sat down and he had a cup of coffee with Maureen before he had to leave for work. Then she whipped out a bowl of piping hot maple cinnamon oatmeal which is my very favorite oatmeal. She added a ton of sugar and some milk, it was awesome, and I munched it down like a frog would a fly. I was still pretty tired...
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