My 3 Wishes

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One day, a fairy appeared in front of me and said, “I would like to grant 3 wishes of yours.” “Seriously?” I was astonished that this scene that once happened in my dream may occur in reality .Excitement overwhelmed me. “Absolutely for sure .Please tell me your wishes,” the fairy said composedly .The fairy looked so kind-hearted with white hair and moustache .The smile looked extremely gentle. “Please hurry up. I have no time to wait for you,” the fairy added .There, I started my mind. “What should I ask for?”

“An I-pad, a htc smart phone and a Mac book?” It sounded great but how could I waste these wishes by appealing for these 3 high technology objects? I may own them with the money I had earned .Undoubtedly ,this idea wad kicked out .I should ask for something that was impossible to be granted .Yes, that’s right !Out of a sudden ,an incident that happened few months ago appeared in my mind .

Dear fairy ,
I would like the time to move back to the past .

Few months ago, I brought my lovely sister to the beach .She loved the sea so much .The sea ,the blue sea was unquestionably a pleasant sight that made me have the desire to shout out my feelings to it at the top of my voice .The water of the sea was crystal clear ,together with the pristine clean beach ,what a pleasant sight !The cool sea breeze blew now and then kissed our faces and it was so refreshing .Strolling on the beach ,collecting the colourful and unique seashells ,we both possessed a mesmerizing time with each other .

After playing for few hours ,I felt exhausted and I rested under a shady tree. Nonetheless ,my sister was still active and she wanted to go to the sea and played with the lucid water .As a brother that loves sister so much ,I gave permission to her and called her to take care of her own safety .My sister was delightful ,she dashed to the sea .She clambered up a massive stone on the beach ,enjoying the cool water splashing on...
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