Mutual Funds

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Chapter 1

Company profile


SBI Funds Management Pvt. Ltd. is one of the leading fund houses in the country with an investor base of over 4.6 million and over 20 years of rich experience in fund management consistently delivering value to its investors. SBI Funds Management Pvt. Ltd. is a joint venture between 'The State Bank of India' one of India's largest banking enterprises, and Society General Asset Management (France), one of the world's leading fund management companies that manages over US$ 500 Billion worldwide. Today the fund house manages over Rs 28500 crores of assets and has a diverse profile of investors actively parking their investments across 36 active schemes. In 20 years of operation, the fund has launched 38 schemes and successfully redeemed 15 of them, and in the process, has rewarded our investors with consistent returns. Schemes of the Mutual Fund have time after time outperformed benchmark indices, honored us with 15 awards of performance and have emerged as the preferred investment for millions of investors. The trust reposed on us by over 4.6 million investors is a genuine tribute to our expertise in fund management. SBI Funds Management Pvt. Ltd. serves its vast family of investors through a network of over 130 points of acceptance, 28 Investor Service Centres, 46 Investor Service Desks and 56 District Organizers.SBI Mutual is the first bank-sponsored fund to launch an offshore fund – Resurgent India Opportunities Fund. Growth through innovation and stable investment policies is the SBI MF credo. PRODUCTS OF SBI MUTUAL FUND

Equity schemes
The investments of these schemes will predominantly be in the stock markets and endeavor will be to provide investors the opportunity to benefit from the higher returns which stock markets can provide. However they are also exposed to the volatility and attendant risks of stock markets and hence should be chosen only by such investors who have high risk taking capacities and are willing to think long term. Equity Funds include diversified Equity Funds, Sect oral Funds and Index Funds. Diversified Equity Funds invest in various stocks across different sectors while sect oral funds which are specialized Equity Funds restrict their investments only to shares of a particular sector and hence, are riskier than Diversified Equity Funds. Index Funds invest passively only in the stocks of a particular index and the performance of such funds move with the movements of the index. ▪ Magnum COMMA Fund

▪ Magnum Equity Fund
▪ Magnum Global Fund
▪ Magnum Index Fund
▪ Magnum Midcap Fund
▪ Magnum Multicap Fund
▪ Magnum Multiplier plus 1993
▪ Magnum Sect oral Funds Umbrella
➢ MSFU- Emerging Business Fund
➢ MSFU- IT Fund
➢ MSFU- Pharma Fund
➢ MSFU- Contra Fund
▪ SBI Arbitrage Opportunities Fund ▪ SBI Blue chip Fund
▪ SBI Infrastructure Fund - Series I ▪ SBI Magnum Tax gain Scheme 1993
▪ SBI ONE India Fund
Debt Funds invest only in debt instruments such as Corporate Bonds, Government Securities and Money Market instruments either completely avoiding any investments in the stock markets as in Income Funds or Gilt Funds or having a small exposure to equities as in Monthly Income Plans or Children's Plan. Hence they are safer than equity funds. At the same time the expected returns from debt funds would be lower. Such investments are advisable for the risk-averse investor and as a part of the...
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