Mutual Fund Investments

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I have taken up the project of Mutual Fund Investment under the guidance of Mrs. Poonam Sharma. This project will help me to plan my investments for my betterment in the future. I will come to know about the various investment schemes and patterns which are available in the market. As a student it will enhance my knowledge in the field of Investment.


This project aims at analyzing the investment patterns among the investors. The foremost objective of this project is to discover how many investors plan their investment patterns of their own and how many invest in a mutual fund among the chosen samples. The project also consists of the terms and various aspects related to Mutual Funds’ investment. This project also focuses on making the people aware of a mutual fund and its advantages for a beginner.


1. Study of Mutual fund- Features and characteristics, mechanism of mutual fund operation, benefits of Mutual Funds, Mutual Fund schemes, Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), Systematic Investment plan (SIP), NAV of a Mutual Fund Scheme, Costs and Loads in Mutual Fund Investments, Return from a Mutual Fund, Structure of a Mutual Fund, Mutual Funds in Indian capital market, Regulation of Mutual Funds in India, Emerging trends in Mutual funds in India, Mutual Fund investment and Investor’s Protection in India.

2. Preparation of a Questionnaire for sample survey- A sample survey is to be conducted with the help of a questionnaire for the collection of primary data regarding the said objective/aim. The sample group chosen for this particular survey is 50.


The questionnaire has been prepared consisting of twelve questions. It has been prepared in a way to fulfill the said objective.


1. Actual awareness of investment patterns among the investors chosen.

2. Actual level of knowledge of Mutual Fund among the investors chosen.

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