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  • Published : December 10, 2012
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The main purpose of doing this project was to know about mutual fund and its functioning. This helps to know in details about mutual fund industry right from its inception stage, growth and future prospects. It also helps in understanding different schemes of mutual funds. Because my study depends upon prominent funds in India and their schemes like equity, income, balance as well as the returns associated with those schemes. The project study was done to ascertain the asset allocation, entry load, exit load, associated with the mutual funds. Ultimately this would help in understanding the benefits of mutual funds to investors. OBJECTIVE:

To give a brief idea about the benefits available from Mutual Fund investment. To give an idea of the types of schemes available.
To discuss about the market trends of Mutual Fund investment. To study some of the mutual fund schemes.
To study some mutual fund companies and their funds.
Observe the fund management process of mutual funds.
Explore the recent developments in the mutual funds in India. To give an idea about the regulations of mutual funds.
The lack of information sources for the analysis part.
Though I tried to collect some primary data but they were too inadequate for the purposes of the study. •Time and money are critical factors limiting this study. •The data provided by the prospects may not be 100% correct as they too have their limitations. •The study is limited to selected mutual fund schemes.


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