Mutandum Corporation Case

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Computer Retirement
Computer Retirement

Steve L. Campbell
August 10, 2012
Steve L. Campbell
August 10, 2012

There are numerous reasons to retire our computer technology. Some systems become obsolete due to current technological advances. Some are replaced because they become infected with viruses or otherwise no longer function properly. And others simply just don’t meet the requirements of our business. In order to retire these systems in an efficient, safe and economical manner, we must take into consideration numerous factors that would otherwise but our business at risk. The following policy includes the implementation of recommendations that will keep sensitive information secure while ensuring that we remain in compliance with federal regulations all the while keeping to our business model centering on efficiency.

In order to be efficient throughout the retirement process, it’s imperative that we maintain a detailed tracking system. This will not only allow us to recover more of the costs through the redemption of the equipment’s residual value, but more importantly, it will ensure that all data which is stored on the systems remains secure prior to, and during the process. Under the current policy, Mutandum is only tracking equipment that has a value in excess of $3000. Additionally, this equipment is being tracked by placing them into the inventory of the acquiring division. This presents issues at various levels. For information security purposes, tracking must include all computer equipment, and must be done so on a centralized database. While Mutandum’s current method of tracking computers (attaching assigned, unique tracking numbers directly to the equipment) is effective, it must be applied to all systems, regardless of the asset’s value at the time of purchase. The system itself is not what these unique tracking numbers are protecting, but rather the sensitive data stored on...
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