Mustapha Mond's Speech

Topics: Brave New World, The World State, Aldous Huxley Pages: 2 (661 words) Published: June 27, 2010
Welcome everyone to this very important occasion for the World State. And a bitter-sweet occasion it is to us. It's very sad to be saying goodbye Bernard Marx and Helmholtz Watson, two very important characters that once a time contributed to our society by their scientific researches and hypnopaedic quotes respectively. I remember that in those days of the Nine Year War, our society was constantly in chaos and our ancestors used to fight against them because of those painful lessons of history. You all remember I suppose that beautiful and inspired saying of Our Ford's: “History is bunk.” It is terrible to look backward to the past, because history revolves around human frailties and emotions such as love, anger, vengeance, and temptation, these feelings have no place in a society built around maximizing happiness. Human frailties and emotions brings to us instability, it forces to ignore identity and in consequence to lack the behavioral patterns inside community. Because of those few reasons I have mentioned, we must maintain the stability in our society, by don’t let anyone go against our established parameters of normal behavior. If someone of us tries to go against the society, then that individual is no longer our friend, he or she is our enemy.

As the ruler of World State, I took the initiative to transfer Bernard and Helmholtz to an island because they are harmful for our society, in order to protect us and maintain peace and happiness. My duty not only as controller, but as a citizen who defends his country’s stability, is to tell you how things happened, in fact the truth. Everybody should know how the arrival of Mr. Savage affected us, but above all had a greater impact on our ex-friends Bernard and Helmholtz. Bernard always showed a queer behavior that many of us understood that was produced because of a mistake that someone did while he was in bottle, but since John’s arrival, he was developing weird ideas about freedom and manhood. By the...
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