Must Exploration Always Lead to Exploitation?

Topics: Exploration, Explorer, Space exploration Pages: 2 (645 words) Published: December 18, 2012

History has shown us that exploration always leads to exploitation. One definition of exploitation as found in Webster’s dictionary is to claim someone else’s natural resource for one’s own profit or advantage. In most all cases man has always found something of value while exploring and taken it for their own or for the betterment of their country. In some examples, exploration was first the only thing in mind. However, it does lead to exploitation when the explorers find something of value and the want for that resource over powers the original reasons for exploring. The examples of Spanish exploration, English exploration and modern day exploration will prove the point that exploitation is inevitable.

During the 1500’s exploration was very important for the Spanish. Spanish exploration started out that they needed to find a new trade route to Asia. Whichever explorer found this route would be rewarded with a great deal of money and fame. This explorer was Christopher Columbus. He started out to accomplish two goals. One of the being to prove that the world was round, another was to became rich off of his discovery of the route. Sadly, neither of those goals was achieved. Instead, he discovered a new land full of untouched and plentiful resources including gold and natives. Columbus then decided that he could get rich from this new land even more so than finding the trade route; so he started to bring back and exploit the resources of the new land to Spain. Another example during the time would be of how Francisco Pizarro only was determined to exploit the Incas and get their gold. There was absolutely no exploration involved.

English exploration was more subtle in its exploitation. Beginning with the Pilgrims wanting to find a new land to practice religion freely, this started out as purely exploration. They did not intend to return to England; therefore, their objectives weren’t to...
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