Mussolini's Battle for Land

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  • Published : March 2, 2011
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Lloyd Grieve
11B History
Mussolini and his ‘Battle for Land’
What were Mussolini’s aims with his ‘Battle for Land’? • This was to help the Battle of Grain, and make more space for the production of cereal • To help unemployment and creating demand.
• Improving people’s health and this was improving the living standard to. • To show off himself to foreigners showing that he is a great and thoughtful leader. • He also wanted Italy more rural again, which meant he cut down large estates for smaller farms. What were his actions?

• He changed old government schemes so more money was being provide for drainage of irrigated farmland. • He showed off the Pontine Marshes which were very close to Rome, so they were easily shown off to foreign journalists. Then people settled on the land. • The fascist government urged the need to create a strong rural area and to build up a strong peasantry. Was it successful?

• Yes, the public health was improved
• It was the depression at the time and it provided a lot of jobs. • He created new towns to show off
• Between 1928-38 80,000 hectares were drained and provide useable land. It was a good provider for the Battle for Grain, but it was extremely exaggerated at the time, and was more for the show of how great Mussolini was. But it certainly benefited Italy!

• "Fascist Italy" by John Hite and Chris Hinton
• "Italy: The Rise of Fascism 1915-45" by Mark Robson
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