Muslims in America

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  • Published : October 12, 2010
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Annette Swann
English 111-21H
Thomas Nelson Community College
Professor M. Weiser
Research Paper
April 15, 2010
Muslims in America
Among the top world religions, Islam poses as a rapidly growing one in America. According to Yvonne Haddad (1993), author of the book Muslims in America, the population of Muslims in America today is a mosaic of linguistic, ethnic, economic, ideological, social and religious groups. She also states that, while newcomers are adapting to life in America, native Muslims in our country are integrated very well into society (Haddad, 1993). In terms of devotion to religion, the Muslim range from secular to moderate, to highly orthodox. They resemble the Jews, Christians, Hindus and other American religions in the sense that, as Haddad (1993) points out, while many seek social and political integration, some prefer to live primarily according to their cultural practices. In addition, Haddad (1993), states that variation estimates range from two million to seven million. She asserts that the population of Muslims in America has been very difficult to measure because the United States Census does not consider religious affiliations; however, Haddad (1993) argues, it’s quite clear that the Muslim population has been growing very rapidly in America as a result of high birth rate, immigration and conversion from other religious communities. The Muslim community, according to Haddad (1993), has various beliefs and viewpoints. Some of them are similar to the beliefs of other religions. For instance, both Muslims and Christians believe in God, although they use different names to refer to him; however, they have some beliefs that are very much different from other religions. Although, according to Haddad (1993), they believe that God revealed himself in the Psalms, the Jewish law and the Gospels, they are of the view that the Christian bible is corrupted. According to them, the Qur’an is the ideal Book for the word of God; anything else is just but a collection of corrupt writing by human beings. “It is such viewpoints by the Muslim community that brings a lot of differences with other religions. The Christians take such beliefs as a sign of disrespect for their religion and this normally brings tension between the two religions,” says Haddad. Muslims also deny the fact that Jesus Christ, who by the way according to them is a prophet of God just like Moses, died on the cross because of the sins of man. They also deny, as Ankerberg & Burroughs 2008 host of the award-winning John Ankerberg Show; which airs on VCY America 101.5 F> and also online at, holds an M.A. in church history and the philosophy of Christian thought, a M. Div. from Trinity International University, and a D. Min. From Luther Rice Seminary and his partner Dillon Burroughs, a full-time writer who has worked with a number of bestselling authors, is a graduate of Dallas Theological Seminary and coauthor of The Da Vinci Code Controversy with John Ankerberg, tells us, that he resurrected after three days. This is a direct confrontation of the Christian community, whose faith largely relies on Jesus Christ, the son of God. Furthermore, the Muslims also believe in the holy war and/or the jihad. This is the belief that, when they die while in the battle field, they go straight to heaven. According to Ankerberg & Burroughs (2008), this has been a major source of problems especially in America. We have seen on the news where young Muslim boys are involved in suicide bombings; which end up killing many people. This is one of the reasons why the Islamic religion is feared (2008). Ankerberg & Burroughs write in another book, the 2008 What’s the Big Deal about Other Religions? Answering the Questions about Their Beliefs and Practices, that Muslims in America are very similar to those in other parts of the world in that both are supposed to follow to the end the five pillars of this religion: pilgrimage to Mecca, declare...
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