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The Muslims were very intelligent people. They tried themselves in every which way. Muslims worked their way around many things to get to what they wanted to learn. The Muslims accomplished and contributed many things; they had many achievements such as math, art, and poetry; their contributions highly impacted the world.

The Muslims were very good at math. Al-Khwarizmi was a mathematician he studied many Indian resources and wrote an algebraic textbook in the 800’s (Document 4). This book was later translated into Latin and used all around Europe (Document 4). Muslims also developed their place-value system from the Arabic numerals coming from the Indians (Document 4). These facts justify that the Muslims achieved great standards in math. They not only made achievements in math but also art.

As well as in math they were excellent in the arts. The Muslim artists studied calligraphy as their type of art (Document 6). The artists would decorate buildings and objects in calligraphy (Document 6). They depicted on the buildings and objects to symbolize the glory of Allah (Document 6). These facts serve as proof that the Muslims had contributions towards the arts. Not only did they achieve high standards in this type of art, but also in poetry.

The Quran is the standard Arabic literature and poetry (Document 8). The Quran inspired the Sufi poets (Document 8). The poetry that was written was influenced from the writings in the Quran (Document 8). These facts reinforce that the Muslims achieved high values in the art of poetry.

The Muslims were very successful in many things. They developed skills easily, which helped them contribute many things towards the world. The Muslims developed and achieved in math, art, and poetry.
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