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Muslim World

By | June 2011
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The Muslim World
khalil shakir
Ashford University
Cross Cultural Perspectives
SOC 315
Allan Mooney
May 09, 2011

The Muslim World
Misunderstood or misguided, for decades the Muslim World has been at odds with the rest of the world it seems. The question is as you study the history and culture of the Muslim world is; is it misunderstood or has leadership misguided the Muslim world. The Muslim culture is one that has been dismissed or maybe just not cared for it seems. The majority of the dismissing seems to come from the western world and that in turns plays a major part in how the rest of the world views thing. When it comes to the Muslim World, leadership in Iraq and Iran has caused division as seen by the rest of the world. The root of the division and tension seem to come from Iraqi leadership and the dealings with the west (United States). So is the Muslim World misunderstood or maybe misguided? It is going to depend on who you as This is a touchy, sore and often talked about topic.  It is especially relevant to me because since I have been in the Army and have participated in global conflicts, I guess you could say.  The conflicts have all dealt with Muslim countries.  Now it seems as though American Politics is consumed with the Muslim World.  Desert Storm, Kosovo, Iraqi and Enduring Freedom.  Different Presidencies all dealing with Muslim countries.  Is it a trend? A misunderstanding of the culture? or a real need to be involved with the Muslim World?  Saddam Hussein, Ayatollah Khomeini, Momar Khadafi, and Osama Bin Laden have become in the not so distant past the definition of what Muslims are.  This as we know it is unfair and has affected the way Non-Muslims in America view Muslims period.  A lot of times when I hear an American Soldier speak of Muslim countries they always have disdain for them.  They tend to quote what they hear in the media, all the talk about Muslims being terrorists and having eight wives and different...

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