Muslim Children in State Schools.

Topics: Muslim, Islam, Qur'an Pages: 4 (1360 words) Published: August 1, 2011
This essay is going to identify and describe some cultural practices that Muslim children of Islamic faith would bring into the classroom and the reasons behind the practice as well as how a teacher can accommodate the child’s cultural practices and beliefs.

Muslim children aged seven years going up are expected to practice Salat, five daily prayers. Two of the prayers Zuhr, practiced between midday and afternoon (Quran 17:78) and Asr, practiced between mid-afternoon and sunset (Quran 2:238) have to be practiced by children during school hours. Zuhr is practiced so as to remember God and seek his guidance, while Asr is practiced so as to remember God and the greater meaning of lives ( accommodate Muslim students who want to practice the two prayers, the teacher can talk to the school Principle about allowing the students to conduct their daily prayers in an empty room at the school during lunch time and/or breaks. Firstly, the teacher has to discuss about this decision/suggestion to the children’s parents, so as to hear what the parents think of the idea.

Jumah/jumu’ah is the Friday prayer or congregational worship. Jumah/Jumu’ah replaces the Zuhr and has to be performed in congregation ( Jumah/Jumu’ah is obligatory for males and optional or recommended for females. It is different from normal prayer in that it is shortened and has to be preceded by a sermon (Khutbuh) ( Jumah/jumu’ah should take twenty to thirty minutes. It is of special significance and importance to Muslims because they believe that Friday is the day that Adam was created by the almighty and it is also believed that the day of judgement will be a Friday, therefore it is a day of expedition of sins ( The teacher can talk to the child (ren)’s parents and allow students to be excused for...
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