Topics: Adolescence, Revolution, Rebellion Pages: 3 (1068 words) Published: March 14, 2013
Teenagers need to rebel in order to grow up

Rebellion for teenagers can prove to be either a good thing or a bad one. People argue that teenagers need to rebel in order to grow up because, for example, they need to experience things in order to know what is right and wrong. However on the contrary people argue that teenagers do not need to rebel in order grow up because, for example, they should keep to rules in order to understand how to follow rules that are much more important in the future. However rebellion can cause more damage than good. Rebellion invites new, radical ideas which can be good, but a window can be opened for bad ideas to be introduced. So rebellion has a large spectrum stretching from small rebellions in the house to riots and protests which could result in large reforms. These reforms and rebellions have shaped the world and created the modern society we have today with fair laws and regulations. Sometimes it is true that teens need to rebel in order to grow up. Teens have the right to have the freedom to explore different things but it is the person’s responsibility to differentiate between whether something is morally right or wrong. If they can do this then they could, in a way, learn and understand why things are right and wrong for themselves, making a greater impact on their future lives. For example, if a teenager refuses to tidy up his/her room, they could get grounded or punished in a similar way. Obviously the teenager will learn to tidy his/her room up otherwise the same sanction will be given again, and in time it will become a regular habit and perhaps making his/her future a lot easier and organised. Another example, if a teen is in a situation where he/she is peer pressured or chooses to smoke and does not like the experience, then they will tell themselves to never smoke in the future without anyone having to tell...
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