Musical Regret

Topics: High school, Middle school, Love Pages: 3 (1073 words) Published: May 8, 2013
Vivienne Lee Per.6
A Musical Regret
All throughout my life, I've made many mistakes. Whether it was picking the wrong type of food, the wrong clothes for my doll, or just making the wrong choices in my life, I was never one to look back upon those mistakes, and ponder upon them; I would usually just brush them off, and say to myself "Oh well, it's not a big deal." However, there came a time when I did make a mistake, a big mistake; even to this day, I regret not doing the one thing I had always wanted to do ever since I was young. When I was young, I got to walk to Wilson High School to watch the Royal Wilson Marching Alliance perform. Among them, there was my cousin who played the flute. He looked so poised and grand standing there, moving along with the best and managing to play his flute and the same time. Ever since then, I was in love with the whole idea of band and seeing my cousin was what made me play the flute in the first place, just so that I could one day, be just like him and perform opposite a large crowd, and playing together in sync with the rest of the band. Finally, one day just as I was about to enter High School, I had a chance to actually make my own choices in what classes I wished to attend. It was a big thing to me, seeing all the courses lay out in front of me. I was scared I would make the wrong choices. It was like having a lot of power but not knowing what to do with it. Nevertheless, it was hard making my class choices but my parents were supportive and allowed me to pick whatever class I thought was best for me and what class would make me feel the most comfortable in. One activity that I have been participating in for my whole middle school life, and even during elementary school was the school's band. I played the flute along with many of my other friends. During those middle school years, I loved playing the flute, it was always my goal to make it up to the First Chair since it signified that you were the best flute player among...
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