Musical Links Investigation

Topics: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Ludwig van Beethoven, Concerto Pages: 3 (842 words) Published: April 17, 2013
Fred Kim
Mr. Gillespie
IB Music
12 April, 2011
Musical Links Investigation
Music is a form of communication that varies distinctively among different countries just as each country has their own language. However, music does not only vary with region, but also with time period and the neighboring musical cultures. To investigate how two very distinct and different musical cultures can be connected through their musical qualities, I will compare the similarities and differences between romantic period and classical period music of flute. Moreover, I will focus on one instrument, flute, because I have great interest in it, and I have a lot of experience of studying and performing the instrument. In this investigation, I will focus on the compositional features found in the music such as form and structure, tone color, mood, and musical background.

One of the most famous classical flute pieces is concerto in G major No. 1 K313 Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Although it is widely known that flute was Mozart’s least favorite instrument, the concerto is very beautifully written in terms of not only variety of texture and structure, but also the subtle changes in mood. The concerto is composed of three movements which each has distinct characteristics. The first movement is Allegro maestoso, second movement is Adagio ma non troppo and the last movement is Rondo: Tempo di Mennuetto. The orchestral part includes orchestral strings, two oboes, and two horns. This small size of orchestra play a significant role in emphasizing the soloist and shifting the mood and tempo of the music before the soloist comes in.

The other piece that I will compare to the Concerto in G major by Mozart is Concerto in D op. 283 by Carl Reinecke. It is written in Romantic period and is composed of three movements. The first is Allegro Moderato, the second is Lento e Mesto, and the third movement is Moderato. This concerto was written right before Reinecke died. Therefore, the melody is...
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