Music Without Words

Topics: Music, Musical instrument, Sound Pages: 1 (377 words) Published: March 13, 2013
The Oxford dictionary itself justifies that music is ‘art of combining sounds for reproduction by voice or instrument(s) in rhythmic, melodic, and harmonic form.’ From a pre-school kid to an old-retired man, every age group of people, love to listen to music in one form or the other. A pre-school kid gets the first taste of music when his teacher plays a nursery rhyme to teach him the basic numbers and the letters of alphabets, whereas, an old-retired man enjoys his final days of life by meditating to soothing music or listening and singing religious hymns; “Bhajans”. The development of music occurred with the developed of human civilization in the past. In those days music was used as a language to communicate as no proper languages were developed for communication. One used a branch of a tree as a musical instrument by shaking it, which produced scratching sound and notified everyone around about the danger. These music or sound didn’t have words but they did have a meaning. Similarly, many other music without words such as Paanche-Baja were created in the past but have been continued to play in many of the special festivals and ceremonies till date as they have meaning and also have historical and cultural significance in Nepalese societies. There are many musical theatres in various countries which lure huge number of audiences who buy tickets to hear the soothing music of various instruments such as piano, violin, guitar and orchestras by famous instrumentalists.  In some of the international theatres, the ancient music without words such as Beethoven and Mozart are played and are liked by many. This music injects their contained feelings into the listeners and provides relaxation to the tired once. Every person has his own taste of music. Some prefer music words whereas some prefer music with words. To some extent we can agree that words do clarify the meaning of music but this does not mean that music without words are meaningless. Music touches the heart...
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