Music Video Treatment

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Title: Treatment

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Music Videos and TVC’s


November 2012

Duration: 3:20 mins/secs
Genre: Rap/Hip Hop

The song is basically a showcase of classic hip hop (boom bap) structure, so the narrative is usually straightforward and basic. The story is centered on the two members of the band. They take a long walk around the block, which is a thing that is part of hip-hop, just walking around the block, or the hood as they say. They reach a stop point and then they begin to destroy an old video game (Playstation 2). The narrative is very basic as illustrated in the above text. After the pounding of the video game, they walk off in the road, possible going to wreak more havoc as they continue their seamlessly aimless journey around the block.

The concept behind the video is not as basic as it seems, the characters are walking around the block, the walk is basically a journey, for something special or important, that is why it is emphasized. The showcase of this hip hop classic feel is a journey, kind of a journey back to what matters, the simple things. The Band wants to put up a mirror to the society that is corrupted with hip-hop songs about money and women and...
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