Music Video Proposal

Topics: Singing, Narrative, Boy Pages: 2 (681 words) Published: January 23, 2011
Music Video Proposal

The track I’m going to use to make a music video has a genre of a mix between indie and very chill out music this has made me think about what video will suit the music. My idea for the music video will be a narrative based , and the story will between a girl and boy in a relationship and they have split up and they cant see the love they have for each other anymore based on this the story will also involve them getting back together. Reason I have chosen this is because the track that was mixed has a somewhat depressing feel to it when you listen to it and the lyrics also explain this story well (referring to different parts of the lyrics)

My video will promote the track, as it is not a piece of music you can listen to on the radio and sing to it. That would get plaid on the radio. Therefore, it needs something to make it viewable and push the viewing of the music. By using a video, that’s video to go with the track will really help also I think using the video it will appeal to a wider range audience. With the story of a break up I think it will stereotypically appeal to older teenagers to around the age of mid 30s, because often in this age a girl would have been through a relationship and then broke up and maybe been upset then it could appeal to them as a target audience.

My music video will be relatively simple and include animation at the start of the music video and the end. The animation will consist of a boy and girl sitting at a bench and they have sad expressions on their face, in between them will be an animated heart which will split as they get up and walk separate directions to each other. And then animation at the end will have the bench with this time another man on the bench with half a heart then the girl also with half a heart joins him on the bench and the heart makes one. This will be in a style of narrative because its telling the story of the lyrics in the song. From narrative animation to concept real...
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