Music Video Ananysis

Topics: Gender role, Gender, Woman Pages: 6 (2007 words) Published: January 15, 2013
Charlotte Myers
Welcome to the Candy Shop?
COM 311-02

Part 1:Music Video
The generation born between the mid 1980’s and the mid 1990’s were the first to grow up exposed to music videos. From shows like MTV’s TRL, Making the Video, and music video countdowns it was practically impossible to turn on the television and not see some sort of music video. Music videos became part of the culture for children and adolescents. However, these videos were not always portraying the best images to these young impressionable individuals. The most common negative illustration that one would see in a music video was the portrayal of women as both objects and highly sexualized beings. The music video Candy Shop, featuring the male rapper 50 Cent as well as the female artist Olivia woman, shows men as the superior gender, woman being subservient to men, along with woman as highly sexualized objects.

In the opening scene of the Candy Shop music video the first thing you see is a big beautiful mansion. Everything is dark and there is fog rolling over the ground. You hear the roar of an engine and a red sports car as the car enters the gates that surround the home. The camera films 50 Cent emerge from his vehicle from below so our first sight of him is as a colossal man. 50 Cent walks toward the house and you see the door open. Inside the home there are about six or seven women dressed in lingerie. Inside the home there is an abundance of color. Outside everything is dark and dreary but indoors there is light and woman dressed in bright colors. Additionally, the female artist, Olivia makes her fist appearance standing in the foyer of the home dressed in lingerie as if she was waiting for 50 Cent to enter.

Finally the beat of the song starts to play and 50 Cent starts rapping “I’ll take you to the candy shop” and so on in the house as well as outside sitting on his car. Olivia then begins to sing her part of the chorus, but Olivia is shown standing up against a wall. In the first stanza of the song 50 opens a door in the home and a woman is lying on a bed. The woman is moving in a sexual manner and 50 cent appears on the bed next to her. They start touching one another and moving around on the bed. The scene changes when 50 Cent proclaims he is the “love doctor”. 50 materializes sitting in a doctor’s room with the torso of a woman wearing a pink leather nurse outfit. You see the nurse push 50 cent onto the table and climb on top. Then there is a close up of the nurse’s face her eyes are practically closed and she seems to be moaning.

Moving forward a bit in the music video we come across another scene of 50 Cent and a woman. This time the woman is dressed in a hot pink leather outfit and is holding a whip. The woman cracks her whip and 50 Cents shirt comes off. 50 approaches the woman and embraces her. She accepts his embrace and moves her whip gently behind his back. There is also a close up of 50 cent touching the woman’s torso. You cannot see their faces but you do see 50 Cents hand on her body. Subsequently, the woman grinds on 50 Cent. After this scene there is a snippet of two women in a bathtub together and one woman is pouring chocolate syrup on the other. It shows both women seeming to enjoy the experience.

Once again Olivia is shown singing in the music video, but you see her singing inside a picture frame and then sitting on a couch. In the closing scenes of the music video you witness other men sitting on a couch with women lying on top of them. As well, you observe, snippets of the scenes of 50 Cent and the women he was previously with. The very last scene of the music video is of Olivia and she is working at a drive through. 50 Cent is at the drive through and he...
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