Music Therapy

Topics: Psychology, Music therapy, Anxiety Pages: 6 (1965 words) Published: November 27, 2011
Thesis: Is Music Therapy Effective?

Ⅰ. Is music therapy effective on psychopathology?

A. children with psychopathology

            B. adolescents with psychopathology

Ⅱ. Is music therapy effective on anxiety?

            A. pregnant women and baby

Ⅲ. Is music therapy effective on older people?

            A. depression on old age

            B. effect of music

Conclusion :Music is very useful therapy.

God made all the parts of our body such as eyes, arms, legs for humans and gave us the controllability about them. For example, if human hates to see something, he would close his eyes, also if he does not want to go somewhere, he will not go there. However, there is only one part of our body that humans cannot control. It is the Ear. Sometimes there are some sounds that we really hate. Representative sound about this may be the scolding of mom. Our mind tends to change according to listening to something such as positive words, classical music, or rock music. Especially, many scientists have being tried treatments through music recently in order to cure people who have some problems mentally. As the general method for music therapy, there is “Free and structured improvisation, singing familiar songs or improvised songs, listening to music, and verbal reflection of the musical processes” in relation to patient’s problems (“Effectiveness of music therapy for children,” 2005, ¶1). In fact, we can strangely feel the facts that people who have mental problems can be cured by music because there is no way to know exactly whether the diseases of these patients really get well or not. Nevertheless, there have been various experiments to prove the fact that music therapy is very effective to these patients. Music therapy can be clearly proved as the effectiveness about following three elements.

First, music therapy is being used for people who have several mental disorders (Effects of music therapy for children, 2007, ¶1). One of these is people with psychopathology. As a matter of fact, it is not easy to treat people who are too egoistic. However, according to researches, it is revealed that music therapy is very useful for these people. Children and adolescents with psychopathology have a variety of physical problem and mental problem (Effectiveness of music therapy for children, 2007, ¶1). For these symptoms, it became possible for patients to express their emotions freely and develop a sense of identity through music therapy (Effectiveness of music therapy for children, 2007, ¶1). Moreover, not only were social skills of patients with these disorders greatly improved, but it was also very helpful to enhance their life quality (Effectiveness of music therapy of children, 2007, ¶1). And also, as I mentioned above, they are inclined to be too much egocentric (The effect of music therapy services, 2006, p.251). Patients who have this symptom tend to strongly concentrate on only themselves and so it is difficult to make a good relationship with other people. To improve this tendency, they need to take part in experiments of music therapy actively (Effectiveness of music therapy for children, 2007, ¶3). There are several ways of these experiments to cure for patients who have psychopathology. One of the most beneficial ways is rhythm education because patients can get dynamic and significant power physically and mentally by studying active rhythm, such as a steady, quick, and wild beat, and also all the muscles of the body can be relaxed by this practice (Interpersonal and social rhythm therapy, 2007, p.466). To exemplify this, when children listen to quick and amusing music, they are instinctively apt to dance with that music; therefore, their brain is stimulated by powerful rhythm. However, it is not good to listen to the rock music, rap, and hip hop music because this kind of music is too stimulative to our ears. In this respect, music therapy has been already used for patients in...
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